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Well, that was interesting.

Well that was interesting.

It was almost good timing that the last post, which I had started to write before we had to go into Lockdown 2.0, was about goal setting.

The challenge with what I had talked about in that post comes from what to do when the targets you have set are disrupted by something that is beyond your control. How you respond to this scenario can be more difficult when compared to having to deal with an injury. For example, at least with an injury there is often a relatively clear path forward, there are known treatments, rehabilitation options that often he known time frames. So, you are often able to adjust your goals using the SMART system. But what do you do when there does not seem to be a clear timeframe? as in the impact that the lock downs are having. I know of a few people who have had their goals taken from them, bodybuilding comps cancelled, events, and I suspect there will be one coming up for me if the levels don’t change that much.

This is a tricky question to ask, and I wouldn’t say that there is an easy answer, as this is something I have struggled with myself. What I have tried, and at times this has worked, is trying to look at whatever training I am doing as being a goal by itself. For me to make that work is I have to enjoy the training, and yes, this part is going to sound a bit masochistic, enjoying how much it can “hurt”. To me that hurt is the right kind though, it’s knowing I have pushed myself. But also, on the lighter sessions knowing that it is making a difference.

So, what can you do if your target/goal has been taken away?

Get back to enjoying moving, if that was part of your goal, have some fun. It’s easy for me to say this, but it is hard to do. Take some time, which for some of us may in fact be to much time (middle of lockdown) move, get some fresh air, run, walk, ride or exercising at home. Just the act of doing this can make a difference. Control what you can control, don’t stress over things that we cannot change at this time. Find the drive and space again. As I write this, I’m telling myself these words as well.

Take care, look out for one another, and keep on moving.

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