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It's been a while

So, I have a confession to make, one which should be plainly obvious… I have not posted a blog, or in fact anything much at all, on my social media forums for a while. And some of it was that I got so mired in reading the negativity that has been floating around that I ended up just looking for posts about cats, well that’s what it felt like (mind you, I do really like cats)

And like any habit, forming good ones, like making good content posts, to give you all some good information, and fun, can take time. But when that habit is interrupted, it can quickly become hard to restart.

So why am I posting now? Because it is important I get my message out to you, not only because it lets you know I am here, but for me these posts are often a chance for me to reflect on what I do, areas I can grow in, and being able to share some of the fun I have.

It’s also a good time to reflect on some of the new years promises that may have been made, I tend not to make these, based on experience on making so many in years gone by, then doing nothing.

So, that’s a very subtle lead in, to asking how peoples New Years resolutions are going, as this is when it gets hard for a lot of people. Making a resolution to yourself, often while enjoying a holiday, or at least less pressure from work and life, can seem easy to do, easy to “make” that change. But about now, when we are half way through February already, life takes over again, our current “reality” takes over. Added into the mix is after the new year a lot of us were hoping, surely 2022 will be different than 2020 and 2021? but in many ways it seems to be repeating.

But this is also the time that you can really make a difference to yourself, taking back control over some part of your life, that’s the way I try and look at it, there are a lot of things I can’t control, so why sweat it? Why not look at what I can control, and how to make it part of my life.

So maybe that is something you can do as well, look at what you goal was, and then find ways that you can make it a part of your day or week, don’t stress about what you can’t do, focus on what you can change.

This working out how to fit things in, how to take charge of your health and well being is something I really enjoy helping people with. If you want to look at how you can do this, reach out to me, have a chat and we can see how I could help you.

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