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My Story

My name is Paul Christensen, a 50-something bike riding fanatic who decided it was time to focus on my health and wellness.

I did my personal training degree a few years ago and have become passionate about helping others with their goals with the mantra, 'It's never too late'.

I like to stay on top of current research around health and wellness and am taking the next step on my academic journey to ensure everything I do is best practice and can help you figure out what the next piece of the puzzle is.

The success I've had with my clients comes down to one factor: relationships. It's always exciting when new clients walk through the door with different sorts of goals, dreams and reasons for their journey.

For me, it's a job that I feel so passionate about and it is super important to work closely with the client from the get-go, so we can crack on with getting them on the path to where they want to go.

Whether you're looking at undergoing a big transformation, have a major event you're training for or need help with your rehab, let me walk with you on this journey to a better, healthier you.

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What drives me personally?

The feeling

ere is nothing wrong with trying new things, not staying still and just slowing down.

There is also the belief that the desire to try new things and new experiences boosts my physical, mental and emotional health.

When training others, the 'What' is more about helping people to keep moving, staying fit and being healthy.

It doesn't always have to be a chore. I want my clients to get to the point that it is sustainable for them, they don’t need me for that anymore.

Job success for me is knowing they will come back when they are ready to try something else. That for me is a job well done.

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