Never Too Late - It’s about you...

This is your opportunity to do something for you no matter where you are in your journey.

­­­Do you have a rough goal but aren't sure how to get there?

Are you ready to take the next step and become the fittest or strongest version of yourself in a sustainable way?

Are you needing help with injury rehabilitation and want to do it in a safe environment?

Or have you reached a goal recently and want to figure out where to from here?

Maybe you don't have a goal either, no worries! We can use our sessions to go through some exercises to help you live a longer, healthier life.

Off season fitness and health.

Paul Christensen graduation photo


My name is Paul Christensen, a 50-something bike riding fanatic who decided it was time to focus on my health and wellness.

I completed a certificate in Applied Sport and Exercise Studies,  followed by a degree in Physical Activity, Health and Wellness, and Post Graduate Diploma a few years ago and have become passionate about helping others with their goals with the mantra, 'It's never too late'.

My Story

My Services

1 ON 1

One-on-one training sessions, tailored to your goals. This can work in conjunction with a written plan and with follow up coaching. All one-on-one sessions are tailored depending on individual progress.


Taking part in a group session is a fantastic way to get moving, have fun, and to be motivated with like-minded people.

Small group sessions, ranging from general fitness (with a focus on ensuring that all within the group can take part, no matter the age, skill or fitness level) to more specialised group training aimed at those who wish to improve specific areas of performance, e.g. improving core and upper body strength and control for mountain biking.

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Great way to get the benefit of one-on-one training while working with a friend or partner. Help encourage each other along on the journey, and above all have fun while doing so.

Written plans:

Tailored plans to help meet your needs and goals. Fully adjustable depending on how far along the journey you are. Supported with follow ups to check on progress.

You won’t find fancy & trendy gadgets in the gym

Just machines, weights, stretching systems and you: that guarantees results

The Loft gym area and training space


Taha Tinana Physical well-being
Taha Hinengaro Mental and emotional well-being
Taha Whanau Social well-being
Taha Wairua Spiritual well-being

Hauora is a concept rooted in te ao Māori (the Māori world) that shows how different elements of who we are contribute to a wider picture of health.

Hauora isn't just about the physical element, but also includes the health of our emotional, mental, spiritual and whānau (family) aspects too.

When you add all these strands together, you get an accurate picture of what health is, and how boosting some of these elements helps our overall feeling of health. Of Hauora.

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Our Locations

The Loft

The Loft is the perfect place to have some fun while working hard. The focus is on trying different ways of challenging you to move and exercise, come along and have a go on our small climbing wall, weights sled, TRX suspension trainers and more.

Outdoors/Your Space

Options exist for training in the great outdoors, or at your home. I offer flexible training arrangements to ensure you get the best experience possible.


There are two SkyFit24 gyms in Dunedin, offering a warm and welcoming place to train. One is in the city centre and there’s a brand new one in Mosgiel. The Mosgiel gym is in a purpose-built building with all new equipment, ready for you to begin or continue on with your fitness journey.

Working Around You

I have a variety of ways to ensure you can access helpful, sustainable and fun personal training sessions.

I want to ensure you feel comfortable when we work out, so whether it be working out at home, outdoors or at The Loft, we’ll find something works for you.

You can also find me as a trainer at SkyFit24, one of Dunedin's most popular gyms.

Weights machine with plates on the bar

He helped me regain my confidence

“When I met Paul at SkyFit24 I hadn't ever done much weight training or rehab work before and I was really scared that I might hurt myself again … he helped me regain my confidence and build strength …”

- Sid

Weights machine with plates on the bar

Every session enjoyable

"I had always been reluctant to use a gym because I thought it wasn't my sort of thing and I'd get bored, however, Paul's mix of expertise, enthusiasm and humor makes every session to consistently push me past what I think my limits are”

- Andrea

Weights machine with plates on the bar

I can’t wait to see what’s next!

“In just eight weeks, I went from ***kg and running out of breath at the 2km mark to finishing my first marathon non-stop, and I put this down to Paul’s fun, yet carefully considered training plan. I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

- Matiu

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