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Warning. The following post contains a sarcastic sense of humour….

Warning. The following post contains a sarcastic sense of humour….

Given that the last few blogs have been relatively serious in nature, this one is a bit more of my, how shall I say this…. A more relaxed and sarcastic sense of humour. But it does address something that kind of bugs me 😉.

In a gym environment I have a few things that I like to see, and a few I don’t, this is one of the things that bugs me, and I have come up with an acronym that sums it up, D.I.C.K. H.E.A.D. This stands for the following.

Don’t be the dick head that does not put their weights away.

I really think you should put the weights back.

Can you really lift those? Doesn’t look like it, looks like you couldn’t put them away.

Kind of looks like you forgot to put those weights away again.

Hay, guess what? The person behind you may not be able to un rack 520kg of plates you had on that leg press while you were doing reps with no depth. Maybe they have an injury, maybe a hand or back injury that means the may not be able to lift those 20kg plates…. Put the weights away?

Everybody had to start from somewhere, think about those that need to use the equipment after you oh, and don’t forget, put the weights away.

And guess what, put the $%$*( weights back where they belong.

Damn, that was a good session you had, bloody top effort and good gains…. Be a really good chance to cool down and reflect on how it’s gone…., you know, while you put the weights away.

This is just a bit of a light-hearted reminder that in a gym environment, there are people of all sorts of skills, levels of fitness, strength and abilities. This means leaving things ready for the next person to use, it maybe someone who is new to training, they could feel intimidated by the environment and weights, they could have an injury, or issues with grip strength.

Be encouraging to fellow gym goes, enjoy what we do, have fun, work hard.

Oh, and just in case I forgot to mention it, put your weights away 😊

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