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Making Stories

Making new stories.

Ended up having a few conversations with a friend recently, about why we do the things we do at “our age”. This was coming from the point of view that we have both been told that we are being silly taking the risks we do, questing like “aren’t you worried you’ll hurt yourself”, to “you’re not young anymore”. And I think we both feel that why not now? we are doing things we enjoy, leaning new skills, seeing new sights, and laughing. So, what do I mean about making new stories? As we grow up, be adults, have families, careers, jobs, and responsibilities I feel that sometimes we get stuck in what I call just living mode. These parts of out lives need attention, we need to make a living, have families, grow a business etc, but we should remember life is about living it.

So, stories, why are they important, and what do they have to do with me and you?

When we are growing up, time seems to stretch on, summers last forever, or winters if you enjoy them as well, why is that? One of the reasons is we are learning new things, having new experiences, all the time, and this keeps ups fresh and challenged without even being aware of that. These are the stories in our lives.

As we get older and must learn to “adult” we often leave this behind, life takes over, working to pay the bills, family, responsibilities. And sometimes, through no fault of our own, we stop making new stories, experiences, and maybe new challenges? Then sometimes it ends up feeling like we are just repeating the same day, same routine, or to use the analogy I started with, our stories stop.

Why do I find this important? It comes back to my philosophy, the Never Too Late mantra. Make a new story, try and learn something new, get active and live new experiences.

This can be trickier at times than me just saying do it.  Sometimes life takes over and we must knuckle under and “adult”, but that’s ok, that’s life sometimes. As people will pick up in my blog posts, I don’t pretend to be perfect, or have all the answers or know it all. I know what has worked for me, and what I have seen work for others.

Following on from the first blog post, have a look if you have not read it yet, (Had a lot on my plate lately). A part of making new stories in your life, is the “what’s next” approach. Does not have to be a big thing, could be going for a walk at the beach for the first time, learning how to juggle (tried it, was hilarious) hop on a bike, try the gym, or even just take the time to breathe. In fact sometimes it maybe something that you used to do, and you would like to revisit it again, whatever it is just do it.

Enjoy the journey.

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