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Age, perceptions, and not stopping

Age, perceptions, and not stopping.

Age, and other peoples expectations and perceptions of what we do, this is an interesting one for me. Leading on from my last blog where I talked about making new stories in our lives. When I grew up, and yes that is a few years ago now, not quite horse and cart territory 😊 I had this perception that as we got older, and at some point in the far distant future when I “grew up” that we tend to slow down, potter in the garden, put our feet up and slowly wind down. How this perception has changed…for me, and what I see in a lot of others, and often not in a small way. So how has this changed? The availability and range of activities that we can take part in, in my view, has grown, and often technology has changed in many ways to allow us to do more. The downside is that these changes in technology has also often made our lives more sedentary  

So, in what ways has this changed, and this is a very interesting question by itself.

Perceptions, to me this is probably a major one, and I don’t know if it’s because of the age I’m at, but realising and understanding the we don’t have to slow done and stop. In fact I think that over the last few years we are being encouraged more and more to be active, and I think that’s a bloody good thing. The last 18 months has seen a lot of things change, we are encouraged to get out and explore our own back yard, and some of that is about being more active and physically able to do so. In some ways technology is enabled this, I’m thinking specifically of e-bikes, as this is allowing more people to get out who normally may not of. The downside of technology is it has also meant we lead more sedentary lives, less active in the workplace, for some working from home more. I remember after one of my crashes on the mountain bike, which I tend to refer to as rapid learning events, one of my sons gave me grief, said I was getting too old for this and maybe I should take up golf or something “easier”.

I probably should not quote my response here, as it involved some colourful language…

But my point was, why should I not keep pushing myself? I’m capable of it, yes there are risks, but I don’t go out of my way to crash, stuff happens. I have had this type of response from different people as well. If I had had that mind set I would not be where I am now, would not have changed my life, in my mid 40’s I would not have got on stage body building, would not have taken up mountain biking. The picture that accompanies this blog, of me, would have just been the beginning of the end, good chance I would have dropped dead of a heart attack or stroke.

Long story short, yes, our body changes as we age, but if you are capable, or have the desire, why not try things? Why not push yourself, learn, experience, live life.

Break those perceptions!

We do not get old and slow down, we slow down and get old.

Have fun, live life, rock the day!

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